Pandemic Covid-19 makes the business situation as well as the financial foundation of the club Juventus becoming miserable. Even when Serie A back and "Old Lady" successfully defended the title they hold for over 8 years, the Turin club still inevitable financial crisis.

If MU Ronaldo acquisition price
Ronaldo likely farewell Juventus (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo is likely to break up Juventus

According to Tutto Sports, crisis financially can lead Juventus to break up many stars in coach Maurizio Sarri's squad. High-salaried players are aiming for first. And at this time Allianz, none higher salaried Ronaldo.

Sources of this newspaper confirmed that Juventus board approved selling Ronaldo in the summer fair in 2020 here on the cheap. Conditions as long as any team salary burden was 31 million euros / season but the Portuguese superstar is being received. With remuneration of alone CR7, Juventus could pay half a dozen other players.

Page statistical evaluation and valuation Transfermarkt player Cristiano Ronaldo this time only to fall into about 60 million euros. But Juventus can still sell players 35 years of age with low price than that - only 50 million euros.

Not suddenly presented superstructure sell Ronaldo accepts Juventus. He was taken to Turin to help "Old Lady" conquer the Champions League title. After this season, though Juventus have crowned European or not, in the following season, CR7 also difficult to shine more. So, in summer 2020 to sell Ronaldo is perhaps also the price.

As a habit, just as many per Ronaldo intend to farewell the club managing - either Real Madrid or Juventus ago now, Manchester United are supposed to enter the contest. Daily Express revealed in, the Old Trafford can put CR7 back to Old Trafford, helped him to be retired in the football environment peak with 3 year contract.

This time, in addition to MU, not many teams are willing to pay 31 million euros salary Ronaldo / season. If completing the proposed contract, the Portuguese superstar could pocket another 100 million euros including other terms. Then CR7 assured retire at age 38 or 39, even with one foot in the coaching staff of the "Reds" then.

If MU Ronaldo acquisition price
Does the coach Solskjaer has welcomed former teammate Ronaldo back to Manchester United? (Image Source: Internet)

Does the coach Solskjaer has welcomed former teammate Ronaldo back to Manchester United?

Vice president Ed Woodward repeatedly insisted he wanted to put Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United. Moderators at Old Trafford attempt to transform MU into commercial team, and in the world of football no players capable of making better trade Ronaldo.

The source also confirmed that Manchester United will blackmail Alexis Sanchez - who was awarded the highest salary Premiership history. With £ 550,000 / week (equivalent to 630,000 euros / week), "Reds" more than enough to pay for Ronaldo. And number 7 shirt of Sanchez will also be awarded for a period of its owner.

The biggest obstacle in the deal, which is the voice of the coach decides Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Norwegian military rulers since been appointed, on a route of revolution very clear rejuvenation for MU. Whether he would welcome the return of junior boy I've ever stand, this became his pupil at Old Trafford or not is something to wait.