Recently, Man United midfielder Victor Lindelof has shared about herself to compress pain to play for "Red Devils" last time. After being excluded from the Champions League, the army of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was mentally recovered by the Muchester City draw, before finding a joy of victory on Sheffield United's courtyard.

Lindelof owns a goal in the victory over Leeds United

Soon after, "Red Devils" created the rain of the goal when further Leeds United at Old Trafford. The 6-2 label victory helps Mu to climb the 3rd place on the British Premier League, and challenge the remaining rivals in the championship race like Liverpool or Tottenham.

Not only sublimation on the field, Lindelof revealed that MU's dressing room was also showing a high level of news. "The most important thing for us is that it all achieved the highest concentration in every game. That's how we do in recent matches," Lindelof shared with PA news agency.

Swedish midfielder compresses pain to play (source: Internet)

Swedish midfielder compresses pain

"I think we have shown very well and bring about some impressive results. It is necessary to continue working hard, focusing on every match and more confidence. I think the match with Leeds As a typical, the score 4-1 when entering a break but then we understand that Leeds will not stop running and stop fighting. That's why the team still plays attack in the second half ", midfielder The Swedes continued.

Capital facing a problem on the back of the victory over Sheffield, Lindelof is expected to not be able to play at Leeds confrontation. However, he compressed pain to play and even scored from a phase up to attack. The strongness of the "band" smashed criticism of public opinion towards him due to unstable form since the beginning of the season.

MU star with injury from Meet Sheffield in the previous round (Photo source: Internet)

MU star adhesive from the match against Sheffield in the previous round

"Really difficult. I have struggled with my back injury in the past few months. Therefore, it is necessary to treat and rest recover. In the match against Sheffield, I was also crushed at the knees but to the match against Leeds, I still tried to play and play even if hurt. I just want to devote to the team and feel happy to win 3 points before Leeds. I had to fight a lot of thoughts to be playing the ball, "the 26-year-old star admitted.

MU is expected to continue Sublimation when encountering Everton in the Carabao Cup quarterfinals this week. "In MU, you always want to win any title, so this will be an important battle for us," Lindelof affirmed before the visitors to Everton.