Zlatan Ibrahimovic striker of AC Milan had a positive reaction to the virus Covid-19, this information has been released by the club AC Milan and Zlatan personally confirmed.

Ibrahimovic Covid positive, full of extravagant welcome to write messages
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Covid-19 positive on Thursday (Image Source: Internet)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic positive for Covid-19 Thursday

Ibrahimovic started the season quite well when Milan beat Bologna 2-0 last Monday, he scored the 2 main goals. However Ibra was positive for Covid when conducting tests on the training ground on Thursday afternoon should be able to play for Milan not least this week.

According to AC Milan, Ibrahimovic has negative on Wednesday but on Thursday, the positive, although at the time of virus infection was identified was the Swedish striker has no symptoms of infection. In addition, the defender Leo Duarte Ibra was also positive and they were quarantined at home, while the players and coaching staff members were negative.

Ibra going into the next age of 39 on July 5/10 but still started the season in 2020/21 with high style, scoring three goals in their opening two matches. He has been the focus of public goods Milan earlier this year, the second half of season 2019/20 Ibra performed admirably helped Milan win tickets emerges locations for a Europa League. Therefore Ibra's absence would be a big disadvantage for coach Stefano damage Pioli.

Ibrahimovic "irritated" with Covid on Twitter

However before the information is said to be this bad, Ibra still showed goose which had welcomed into their brands and led many fans to worship. Twitter list Swedish Prime wrote: "I am negative Covid yesterday but today the positive. No symptoms. Covid have dared challenge me muscle there. It is a bad idea. "