Premiership back: "Distorted face" because "storm" injury

Besides the three goals, the highlight of the great war between Man City and Arsenal - one of two match marked the return of the Premier League are the injuries appear consecutively. From 7 to 23 minutes, Arsenal duo - Granit Xhaka and Pablo Mari turns to leave the field. Minute 81, midfielder Eric García side Manchester City emergency hospitalization rough Ederson strong ally.

Premiership record in mass injuries dates back (Image Source: Internet)

Premiership record in mass injuries dates back

Earlier, the match between Aston Villa and Sheffield United saw players of both teams show signs of distress, muscle tension after more than 70 minutes, even Samata (Aston Villa) or McGoldrick (Sheffield) can not kick a full 90 minutes.

English Premier league not only be "storm" raging injury return date. Bundesliga - the first league in the top 5 leading European league back each recorded nine cases of injury in round 26 (first round hit the back of the Bundesliga).

Last week, the first 28 La Liga saw many stars are on the payroll as Real Madrid and Barca De Jong left the field limping Hazard.

This is the corollary by the players spent too long time not playing, practicing under standard conditions, can lead to serious conditions affected and become more fragile. Before that situation, the World Football Federation (FIFA) has decided to allow the team to replace 5 players / games.

Manchester United, Tottenham trembling before War

Experts predict the number of injuries in the Premiership will increase in the future, when the Champions League, Europa League and some tournament trophy back. The big teams certainly not happy with this, including MU and Tottenham.

After recovering from injury, Harry Kane, Pogba or Rashford to face the risk ... back beds (Image Source: Internet)

After recovering from injury, Harry Kane, Pogba or Rashford to face the risk ... back beds

Before the interruption Premiership, Tottenham is the team suffered the most severe forces the loss of Harry Kane, Moussa Sissoko, Son Heung-Min, Steven Bergwijn. Currently, most of the "wounded" above all are recovering, in turn, midfielder Japhet Tanganga befriend beds.

The opposite side, many United players like Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford, Diogo Dalot, Anthony Martial, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Jesse Lingard, Lee Grant also injured with multiple levels. 3 months time has passed obviously only help them recover from the injury, but not able to get back to the best condition.

On 20/6, Tottenham and Manchester United are two teams will confront each other in the round of 30. This is a significant match is extremely important for both teams in the race for the Champions League. If Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjær reckless use of players recovering from injury, extremely unpredictable consequences, even affecting the staffing plan for the rest of the 2019/20 season.