A sad fans in front of the leave of legend Diego Maradona

Noon November 25 (local time), shortly after the legendary Diego Maradona died, President Alberto Fernandez announced on Argentina National Television to organize the National Funeral for three days.

Some funeral venues were suggested, including Boca Juniors BomBorera or Diego Maradona of Argentinos Juniors - two Maradona teams on time.

However, after consulting the family attempt to attend the player, the Argentine government chose the president in Buenos Aires as a funeral organization.

It is known that the presidency is the place where Argentina's famous World Cup championship in 1986 and the 1990 World Cup.

From the end of November 25, the authorities started the preparation for the funeral at the Argentine President. It is expected to have millions of fans visiting Argentine football legends.

Environmental prevention and control is also carefully prepared by the authorities.

How is Maradona legendary funeral?
President Argentina - where the legendary funeral ceremony Diego Maradona (Photo source: Internet)

President Argentina - where the legendary funeral ceremony Diego Maradona

On the evening of November 25, there were hundreds of people queuing up to the opening time to enter the presidency, and the line of people are getting longer and longer.

On the morning of November 26, when the ambulance took Maradona's body to the funeral venue, many people burst into tears and called this legendary name.

It is expected that Maradona's funeral will take place on the 26th and November 27. On November 28, he will be taken to the last resting place.

Try to dance in 1960, died on the morning of November 25 (local time), at home due to a heart attack. Before that, he went through the surgery to take the blood mass in the brain.