Premier League new season has entered into the first round 3. This is the time that the team had to catch up in the back mirror of the new season. Will no longer be room for experiments that need to extract all power because of the long-term goals for a season promises to be very stressful.

Hotspots within 3 Premier League: Heats crazy, MU & giants
MU wins howling chickened undergo before Brighton (Image Source: Internet)

MU wins howling chickened undergo before Brighton

The big teams like Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are well aware of that. However, not "big" should realize the goal to win the maximum score for yourself. Courtyard earliest on day 7 as Man United. After the defeat in the opening game before Crystal Palace, teachers and coaches Solskjaer Brighton travel to pitch in an atmosphere of anxiety.

Though highly regarded than the home team, but before the taut psychological, MU has experienced an extremely difficult match with the pressure that creates Brighton. Breached the grid before the end of the 1st half-minute but the "Reds" lucky to have only two minutes to equalize before the half ended.

Hotspots within 3 Premier League: Heats crazy, MU & giants
3 first point of "Reds" in the new season (Image Source: Internet)

3 first point of "Reds" in the new season

Individual brilliance of Marcus Rashford help the visitors ahead at half 2 but they were unable to preserve his achievement minutes when the game turned 90. The idea of ​​a 2-2 result will close the game but situation for handball in the penalty area of ​​Brighton was not able to "cross-eyed" technology VAR.

Hotspots within 3 Premier League: Heats crazy, MU & giants
Chelsea spectacular escape West Brom (Image Source: Internet)

Chelsea spectacular escape West Brom

United's victory hard as opening up a series of odd match for the teams remaining in the "giants" of English football. In the subsequent match, Chelsea despite a guest but a rookie before the Premier League as West Brom, teachers Lampard still rated much higher.

But the unthinkable happened when West Brom scored three consecutive goals against Chelsea. In almost desperate situation, Chelsea caught the "hat" with fighting spirit and very fearlessly. 3-phase set of Mount Mason, Hudson Odoi and Tammy Abraham helped "Blues" won the first point in a most incredible scenarios.

Biggest disappointment in this round is probably Manchester City. Etihad is playing at home in the welcoming Leicester, Pep Guardiola's men had the advantage early with opener right Mahrez 4 minutes of Joy of Man City did not last long as associated Leicester more "fired" through Ederson 4 goals, including the first hat-trick of veteran striker Jamie Vardy.

Man City were lost bold comeback before "flying high" Leicester

Disaster day of competition ended with Manchester City goal after 88 minutes on penalties, even before that, they also have the consolation goal by rookie Nathan Ake's. 2-5 defeat to bold ambition led overthrow of teachers Pep Guardiola Liverpool were big question mark.

Contrary Man City, Liverpool "neutralize" successful counter-called Arsenal. Despite Arsenal defeat in two encounters with the closest but not so that the champions wavered. Even Anfield team also to "Gunners" before conceding poked by mistake where defense. However, there is also all that Arsenal can do in this great war.

Turn Mane, Robertson and rookie named Jota has filled up the electronic board to help Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-1. Convincing comeback ended Liverpool's 3rd round extremely compelling and dramatic of the Premier League this season.

Chart Top 10 Premier League 2020/21 after round 3

Hotspots within 3 Premier League: Heats crazy, MU & giants
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