Recently, plans return of the Premier League organizing committee has received huge support from the British Government. Accordingly, the rest of the tournament is scheduled to begin to take place on 13/6. This is the huge effort of the senior officials in English football when pandemic Covid-19 has caused serious impact on the operation of a series of tournaments in Europe.

HOT: The Government approved, Premiership return dates?
Premier League promises back strongly (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League promises back strongly

The Government approved on return would be a major step in the Premiership by earlier, they bear heavy pressure on the ability to cancel the tournament.

If in the top league of other European, the cancellation of the season will only impact is not too large in terms of finance, the Premier League, with license costs extremely high, the season ended right at this will make the teams and tournament organizers heavy losses.

According to initial calculations, the amount of damage if the Premier League would be canceled up to 1 billion pounds. That is the figure that many authorities have headaches and to all the optimal plan for this year's tournament. The British government also asked the Premier League to submit a detailed plan on how to play, as well as plans that arise when Covid-19 has not ended completely.

Premier League has been postponed since early March, but the teams in England retain physical exercises through online communication ways. Signal about the tournament back, some team like Arsenal, Brighton was officially opened training center to the players themselves to exercise personal training.

HOT: The Government approved, Premiership return dates?
Both Liverpool and Manchester United want the Premier League back (Image Source: Internet)

Both Liverpool and Manchester United wants Premier League return

Mirror newspaper said the representative office Prime Minister Boris Johnson has encouraged the return period of Premeir League was September 6. According to the Government's suggestion that the organizers Premiership should consider in detail how to cooperate with related units such as the police, health services and communications teams starting last May.

In mid-week, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 was canceled when the French government to ban the sport takes place before April 9/2020. France is the latest country to declare cancellation football national championship, after Belgium and the Netherlands have used similar measures with their tournaments.