The free kick set the level of Messi in 2019/20 season

The closer to the date of meeting between Barca president Josep Bartomeu and owner Jorge Messi (Lionel Messi's father), things became more heated. Marca recently called this meeting the "conversation of the deaf" because neither party seems to want to hear the other party.

Headline "deal Impossible" on Marca (Image Source: Internet)

Headline "deal Impossible" on Marca

Mr. Jorge still insisted that his son should be free to leave Messi in the context that he is entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract after the end of season 2019/20, provided that, within 10 days after the end of the season. Meanwhile, the president Bartomeu is to continue to convince your father superstar Messi and suggested the new 2-year contract with attractive terms.

A remarkable news from newspaper ESPN, Barca believe that only a single way to Messi can go free in a legal way in the transfer window this summer, which is when the superstar 33 commitments will not play ball to any groups other in 2020/21 season.

"If Messi really want to be liberated contract, superstar Argentine must completely abandon his salary next season, and not allowed to sign a contract with any other team in this period "the paper said ESPN.

As explained from some legal experts of ESPN, the terms in the contract of Messi can be interpreted in many ways. If "La Pulga" and Barca can not comprehend and agree with each other, most likely will have to pull together the two sides of sports arbitration court to take its final decision.

Besides, Bartomeu also received many suggestions that he should look more realistic in this deal, when Messi left Barca to this point was "inevitable" and should create a curtain parted in tranquility.

Member "dream team" Barca 1990s, Eusebio, give advice for Bartomeu: "It is better to see Messi Champions League again. He has his feelings, and despite everything story ended as yet, that decision is also worth pondering. Barca must try to minimize the impact of this loss, while giving a price to help Messi to have a better future. We respect Messi, but the interests of Barca must be put on ".

In summary, on Wednesday (2/9), Bartomeu will still have an important meeting with Mr. Jorge. Meanwhile, on Wednesday or Thursday (3/9), Man City delegation will arrive side of Barcelona to continue a bid for Messi.

According to the latest information from reputable reporter Ian Cheeseman, Manchester City are preparing an offer of more than 100 million pounds with 2 players Gabriel and Eric Garcia Jesus to convince Barca release the person. English team will recommend immediate Messi a contract is 2 years.