Incident Messi wanted "fugitives" from Barca still ongoing extremely stressful, and in the latest twist, president Bartomeu has declared his willingness to resign to Messi in the club. Still, Bartomeu will resign on condition Messi to stay in the team, at the same time publicly confirmed to reporters that "the president is the main reason" makes him want to leave Barca.

President Bartomeu if Messi is ready to leave the seat stay (Image Source: Internet)

President Bartomeu ready to leave the seat if Messi stay

Earlier, local sources confirmed he Bartomeu has proved quite goodwill to want to hold a private meeting Messi to directly listen to thoughts and aspirations of the Argentine superstar. However, despite being many people in the persuasion, Messi still a toner stressed he did not want to talk to anyone in the upper world team.

Bartomeu's latest move is seen as a surprise but full reckoning. Earlier, when the news Messi wants to break up the club, Barca had numerous supporters gathered outside the Nou Camp to protest, and called for his resignation Bartomeu.

They said that the failure of the team for many years at the stage of transfer, achievements on the pitch and the decisions of the Messi are caused by mistakes of the president of 57 years. Despite the fans constantly "tortured" but refused to leave the seat Bartomeu.

Reportedly, when Messi signed a content above statement, Bartomeu will be leaving immediately, but he alone instead of the entire leadership team. Other members of the leadership Barca will continue work until a new election held.

Meanwhile, an interim president will come to power, and who will be the members of the leadership council appointment. According to Mundo Deportivo, deputy chairman who is Jordi Cardoner leadership aimed to chair the temporary chairman, in case Bartomeu resigned.

Right on schedule, chairmanship of Bartomeu in Barcelona will end in the summer of 2021, when Messi and Barca contract maturity. Currently, contract prices liberation of 700 million euros Messi and Manchester City are the top candidates can recruit superstar.