Round 15 of the Premier League will coincide with the Boxing Day time. And this is also the most stressful schedule, with a density of 3 days a match. Therefore, if there is no good preparation for the stage still called this tourmalet, the teams will be very vulgar.

MU won Leeds United 6-2 in round 14

Overall, the big guys after the early time of the champion, began to regain the victory pace. There was no shock in the 14th Premier League, except ... MU's immense victory before the team was the phenomenon of the 2020/21 season, Leeds United.

MU is the biggest impression team in the past round. "Red Devils" Winning Leeds United 6-2, in a match where the two teams totaled to 43 finishes. That was the reason after the match, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said his team could have recorded 12 goals.

With this victory, MU now interrupted the top 4. in Coach Solskjaer and the students still have a match with Burnley, and it might be the "Red Devils" pedal to the second place. This optimistic signal came to MU fans like a miracle, because only recently they were removed from the Champions League right from the group stage.

However, not only MU to win, but most other big teams also won. Liverpool after returning to the top of the board, even the Great won Crystal Palace to 7-0 right away on the away field. With 31 points, the quellist champion built the first place, more than the team temporarily ranging Leicester 4 points.

Leicester also impressed with a 2-0 victory right on Tottenham's courtyard. Thus with 2 consecutive defeats against live opponents, Liverpool and Leicester, Tottenham of coach Jose Mourinho now have been thrown from the top 4, while the last two rounds they are still leading.

Hot spots round 14 Premier League: MU victory, Mourinho team
Leicester beat Tottenham right in North London (Photo source: Internet)

Leicester beat Tottenham right in North London

Chelsea is the remaining championship candidate also collecting sweet fruits in the 14th round of the English. The team of coach Frank Lampard after two consecutive shocking losses, has just beat West Ham 3-0 dawn on December 22, to knock Tottenham from the top 5, even though there are 25 points with the difference.

This is the extremely fierce season. Except Liverpool is consisting to separate top, the rear teams cling to each other. The second team Leicester is just over the 6th team, Tottenham has 2 points and promises to throw from the top 4 only after a bad result.

At the relegation race, Sheffield United still crucified in the position of the board. This team last season still painted the European Cup ticket, this season only had only 2 points after 14 plays played. Group of 3 teams "holding red lights" also have West Brom with 7 points and Fulham ranked 18th with 10 points.