The 11th round of the Premier League still has not officially ended when there is still a late match between Southampton and Brighton. But after nearly a third of the road, the tournament began to have a clearer division on the rankings, the leading teams were having a separation with the rest when the top 4 surpassed the score 20.

Chelsea temporarily led after Saturday (December 5)

This is a round of all four teams to win, so there is no change in the first group. Chelsea temporarily rose to lead after Saturday (December 5) with a 3-1 victory over Leeds United but Tottenham, Liverpool and Leicester were won on Sundays (December 6).

Tottenham defeated Arsenal in the match of the round of the round and could say they own a scary performance in large matches from the beginning of the season. The teacher of Manager Mourinho held Chelsea and defeated Mu, Man City and Arsenal, thereby possessing unbeaten achievements in front of the "Big Six" group (or "Big Seven" if he included Leicester). Currently only Liverpool is with similar unbeaten achievements.

Notably, the appearance of the two teams into Manchester was 5th and 6. MU earned 19 points behind the reverse curtain on West Ham while Man City got 18 points after defeating Fulham with billion Number 2-0. These two teams still have a match (Burnley - Mu City - Aston Villa) so the maximum score of MU and Man City may be 22 and 21 points.

Then Leicester City will be pushed to 2 steps while Chelsea are more likely to rank on MU thanks to the secondary index. This office creates an extremely attractive championship race because the 6th ranked team is only led by the score of 1 win. That makes the pressure to win growing for the leading teams.

Hot spots round 11 Premier League: MU into the top 6, scary Tottenham racing champion
Arsenal is the only giant also lies in the last group of rankings (Photo source: Internet)

Arsenal is the only giant located in the last group of rankings

The tournament is even more dramatic when 5/6 leading teams are in the BIG group 6. The remaining team of the giants are Arsenal with a completely different situation. Teacher Mikel Arteta fell to 15/20 after the loss before Tottenham. They also risked another step if Brighton won 3 points before Southampton in the late match.

It is really a scenario that no one can think of before this season begins. In the bottom of the board, Sheffield United is still least hope to win 1 point after 11 rounds while Burnley and West Brom have only 6 points. If not soon finding a new direction, these three teams will most likely break up with the Premier League after the season ends.

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