Real Madrid - Granada: 1h45, 24/12, Round 15 La Liga

Zinedine Zidane's future speculation was completely extinguished when Real Madrid continuously shown the "destruction" performance last time.

The Bernabeu team won 4 consecutive matches, including battles before Monchengladbach (2-0, the match to help Real to officially cross the Champions League group) or Atletico Madrid (2-0, La Liga).

Real Madrid is full of excitement

On the La Liga rankings, the royal team "ranked secondly (29 points / 14 matches), kicking less than the other teams of 1 match but still more than great rival to 2 matches. Therefore, Zidane teachers are not allowed to drop any score in this sensitive phase if they do not want to be far away.

Granada is one of the largest "plowing" teams of La Liga since the beginning of the season when it has to join the qualifying, the Europa League group next to La Liga. Therefore, taking tickets to the Knock-out Europa League round with the 6th place La Liga is a very commendable achievement with teachers Diego Martinez.

In front of such an unpleasant opponent, Real Madrid will definitely not go through 90 minutes easily. Even so, the level and high excitement will help Zidane teachers overcome difficulties.

Stoke City - Tottenham: 0:30, 24/12, League Cup quarter-finals

In less than a week, Tottenham came back to the extremely sudden ground. 2 consecutive failures before Liverpool (1-2) and Leicester City (0-2) make Jose Mourinho teachers fall to grade 6 of the British Premier (25 points). Even if they are unlikely to keep this position by Man City (23 points / 13 matches), Aston Villa (22 points / 12 matches) still lack away.

Hot scenes today: Real Madrid matches
Tottenham declined because he was too dependent on Harry Kane, Son Heung Min (Photo source: Internet)

Tottenham declined because she was too dependent on Harry Kane, Son Heung Min

Experts, fans are easy to recognize Tottenham too dependent on Harry Kane and Son Heung Min. Once the silent duo silent star, "rooster" is completely harmless. On the other hand, some individuals are expected as Gareth Bale has not shone as expected. Obviously, Tottenham's squad depth is making Mourinho headache.

The force problem will be "special person" settled in the winter transfer period. In the short term, Tottenham needs to find a sense of victory to re-back the spirit, and the Stoke City encounter is an opportunity to not be better for them to achieve that.

Stoke City is ranked 7th graduated in England (Championship). The current performance of this team is quite good when leaving only 1/7 last match (win 3, Hoa 3). However, in terms of force and class, Tottenham promulgates completely and if the stone is right, "rooster" is perfectly enough to win a gap victory.