Number 1 candidate for Barcelona chair, Emili Rousaud has just shared the future of the current captain, Lionel Messi. Specifically, the Future President of the Catalunya team announced that Lionel Messi left Barca without accepting the current salary reduction.

Future President Barca ruled about the future Messi

Messi's future is still a very hot topic since the past summer. "The giant" La Liga was almost and Messi in court because the fox lawsuit involved in a double party contract. At the last minute, the team's No. 1 striker was conceded and accepted to stay in another season, instead of leaving Nou Camp in a call of a series of "big men" like Man City or PSG.

Even so, Rousaud, who was participating in the election of Barca chairman's chair on January 24 did not give it a correspondence. He thinks Messi needs to continue to show loyalty to the move to agree to reduce the current salary "terrible".

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Messi is forced to have a difficult choice for the future in Barca (Photo source: Internet)

Messi is forced to have a difficult choice for the future in Barca

"We will have to sit back with Messi and ask him to reduce the salary. The current salary does not match the circumstances of the team, everything is not sustainable. We need his sacrifice. If not Accepted, Messi will not be allowed to stay in Barca, "said Rousaud to the Ara channel.

"Messi wrote the most dazed history with this team. We always respect him as a legend, but need to see more realistic. I always wanted him to stay, but needed Ensure the benefit of the club first "- Barca President candidate concluded.

Messi has just scored the only goal in Barcelona's 1-0 victory over Levante at the Round 13 La Liga. The right shine of the Argentinian superstar helped the Nou Camp team to find the joy of victory, and also release the pressure on the chair of Coach Ronald Koeman after the recent string of this team .