Premiership 2020/21 was officially kicked off with the fascinating match in 2 days over the weekend. According to statistics, 17 goals in 6 matches appear with many surprises.

Hot Premiership standings: Which team is leading the first round?
Arsenal, temporary split Leicester Premier League top spot by winning the "3 stars" (Image Source: Internet)

Arsenal, temporary split Leicester Premier League top spot by winning the "3 stars"

Arsenal and Leicester City are names most impressive when beating Fulham, West Brom - two newly-promoted team 3-0. This result helped Arsenal, Leicester shared the top two positions in the standings.

Quite surprised when the remaining names appear in the top 3 as Newcastle United. Guests have to do West Ham, "Injecting Choe" excellent defeated rival 2-0.

Mohamed Salah in the day star shines with a hat-trick, defending champion Liverpool dramatic 4-3 win before rookie Leeds United. Regardless, conceding 3 goals to make teachers and students Jürgen Klopp digital disadvantaged women and only ranked No. 4.

Crystal Palace, Everton respectively ranked 5th and 6th game was pipped by the Southampton, Tottenham. This is also the first team to win six points in the season 2020/21.

Tonight, the first round of the Premier League continued with couples Sheffield United - Wolves (0h, 15/9), Brighton - Chelsea (2:15 pm, 15/9). With rookie staging worth more than 200 million pounds, Chelsea are expected to monitor the military epic before rival "underdogs" Brighton to warm up the face of the chart.

Meanwhile, two couples Burrnley - Manchester United, Manchester City - Aston Villa suspended by Manchester United, Manchester City is resting more.

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