Recently, Ozil was coach Mikel Arteta struck from the list of registered attendees Arsenal 25 Premier League 2020/21. This means impossible Ozil Arsenal until May 2/2021, when the teams were additional troops. Earlier, the German midfielder being omitted from the list of participants of the Europa League, "Gunners".

HOT: Ozil Arsenal denunciation
Ozil accused Arsenal "lost loyalty" (Image Source: Internet)

Ozil accused Arsenal "lost loyalty"

In a recent share, confirming the type of coach Arteta Ozil is purely professional reasons due to the player deemed not guarantee fitness. However, Ozil has personally denied this: "I can not disclose the private conversation between me and the coach, but knows his body. Before the tournament postponed, I was able to kick all game and then, too. Apart from minor injury, I do not have any problems. "

And the information is posted at the latest on 21/10 (Hanoi time), Ozil had a painting "pen" emotional sent to Arsenal fans and the team, expressed dissatisfaction and sadness of his behavior with Arsenal.

"It's hard to say these words to the fans. I was really disappointed not to be registered to attend the Premier League, "Ozil wrote. "When you sign a new contract in 2018, I pledged allegiance to the club on but unrequited. Everyone can see, it is difficult to maintain loyalty in this era.

I always try to maintain a positive attitude from week to week to be able to play normal again. That's why I always keep quiet. Before football stage postponed because Covid-19, I am really pleased that the development of the club under coach Mikel Arteta. But then everything changed when I no longer important anymore. "

At the end of the letter, Ozil message to fans that he will continue his efforts proved in the practice sessions, and promised to fight to regain the position at Arsenal.

Reportedly, in September last, Ozil has just pocketed a further 8 million pounds (about 240 billion VND) bonus from the Arsenal faithful. This is a clause in the contract that the German star who signed for Arsenal in January 1/2018. Show Emerick Aubameyang Ozil last 2 Pierre-player Arsenal receive the highest salary of up to £ 350,000 / week.