MU legend, Bobby Charlton has a violent

Legend of MU and England, Sir Bobby Charlton was confirmed with dementia (Dementia). MU leaders immediately sent questions and suggested economic support to treat him. Not long ago, another legend of "Red Devils" was Nobby Stiles died after years of fighting with similar disease Sir Bobby Charlton.

Hot news Football in the morning of November 2: MU legend, Bobby Charlton has a violent
Sir Bobby Charlton has dementia at age 83 (Photo source: Internet)

Sir Bobby Charlton has dementia at the age of 83

Sir Bobby Charlton, 83, who kept the most detailed MU shirt (758 matches), scored the most goals (249 goals) before being broken by Ryan Giggs (963 matches), Wayne Rooney (253 goals). He was also the greatest table hunter in the history of England (49 goals, was also passed by Rooney), along with the 1966 World Cup championship.

Mbappe is advised to leave PSG, join Real Madrid

French Football Legend, Robert Pires advised Kylian Mbappe to consider Real Madrid as a future stop. According to the former Arsenal midfielder, though he wants Mbappe to stay on PSG, but the decision to join the "Royal Team" will be good for the development of the 21-year-old striker.

Arsenal's "blockbuster" is a combination of Yaya Toure and Essien

Answering Sky Sport interview, Thomas Partyy insisted that he was aiming to model a comprehensive player, combined between Yaya Toure and Michael Essien. The Ghanaian star joined Arsenal from Atletico Madrid for £ 45 million.

"Most people consider me as defensive midfielder, but I am very smart, capable of reading good matches and are ready to score important goals. I want to become a comprehensive player model, attack Or like Yaya Toure and defensively like Michael Essien ", quotes partey.

Pep "latch" finished midfielder No. 1 Man City

An interview with BT Sport, coach Pep Guardiola confirmed Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte would be the top choices for Man City's midfielder position, after the impressive performance in Sheffield United 1-0 win. However, the Spanish strategist said other players still had the opportunity by Dias - Laporte could not "plow" throughout the season.