Arsenal player rumors fight on the training ground

Arsenal fans are tumultuous after appearing a fight that has occurred at the Arsenal training ground. This information said David Luiz hit Dani Ceballos's nose, causing the Spanish player to bleed his nose, even though stressed to calm down and the two sides later apologized to Mikel Arteta coach and normal practice. It was Ceballos who went to Twitter to confirm that it was fake information, but some fans did not believe Ceballos took their face to show that there was no fight.

Hot news Football in November 20: Rumors Arsenal players fight on the training ground
Ceballos rejected him to fight with Luiz on Twitter but the Arsenal fans did not believe (source: Internet)

Ceballos rejected him to fight with Luiz on Twitter but the Arsenal fans did not believe

Rooney is not going to do "Sir Alex"

Derby County is about to go back to play in Championship but Wayne Rooney will take over the work of the empty coach after the Club of Phillip Cocu. Speaking first for the first time, Rooney said: "I kicked many coaches, including the best coaches of all time. I will collect all knowledge from them to create their style, but I won't be the second Alex Ferguson and I don't get the players as he has ".

Hazard and Militao negatively with Covid-19

According to Real Madrid's latest announcement, Eden Hazard and Eder Militao were all negatively with Covid-19 after the latest trial at the club, so they will immediately return to normal training. In addition, Real will also welcome the return of Casemiro, who also has negative tests.

Chelsea no Thiago Silva for the match against Newcastle

Coach Frank Lampard said that after gathering the players who just returned to the club after the national team concentration, he would not have midfielder Thiago Silva and Christian Pulisic star in the match against Newcastle. "Pulisic is not physical enough but he is practicing mildly. Thiago Silva has just come back and is tired so I probably won't use it. Kai Havertz was present and practiced ordinary, "Lampard said.

Ancelotti rejected the information he wanted to bring ISCO to Everton

After appearing rumors that Real Madrid may agree to sell to Everton the ISCO midfielder due to the unstable form of the Spanish player, Coach Carlo Ancelotti personally rejected this information. "We have never thought about the January transfer period so that information is nonsense," he said.