Mourinho unexpectedly ironic

Jose Mourinho's unexpected words ironic about the safety of the matches of the national team in the past week on social networks: "What a week playing great with the game is full of emotions of the national team , very friendly and safe.

Hot news 17/11 bright football: Mourinho unexpectedly ironic match series national team
Mourinho irony of the national team match series in November (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho irony of the national team match series in November

Test results Covid-19 until after the game starts. Stranger running free on site "camps" of the national team and many other things. Add a day, I only 6 players to practice. Perhaps the time for me to take care of yourself now. "

Neuer was going moldy new record

If the field in the match between Germany and Spain (2h45, 18/11), Manuel Neuer will become goalkeeper of Germany caps the most in history. Currently, this goalkeeper has 95 appearances for "Die Mannschaft", by the merits of the legendary Sepp Maier founded in 1979.

Liverpool continued to receive bad news

Jordan Henderson is only one half stone in the match against Belgium and Gareth Southgate Training has confirmed the midfielder picked up an injury and could not play again. Although still have to wait for the test results accurately but sources revealed Henderson hamstring injury and was out for about 2 weeks. This is a can not sadder with Jürgen Klopp when he took 6 pillars earlier for different reasons.

Aubameyang was "confined" in airport

Recently, Aubameayng striker has revealed the story of his cry smile and teammate at Tel Gabon. Gabon has been keeping the whole team at the airport Bajul (Gambia) for 6 hours for a reason romantic flashed as passports being held. Aubameyang with teammates at the airport right from 11 the previous night to 6 am the next day to be "rescued". Many players were lying on the floor airport because too tired to sleep.

Pogba misunderstood

According to experts the transfer Fabrizio Romano, Pogba was misunderstood in an interview recently. Italy's French midfielder is helping his national team to improve performance in a difficult period. Currently, many people think Pogba says "atmosphere in the national team than at the club."