Man United has just undergone painful defeat to Tottenham in the English Premier League Round 4. Fans "Reds" really is not all bad results shocked but loved moderate team received. In this context, there have been suggestions that coach Solskjaer made tactical mistakes, and position in the Norwegian strategy also proved inferior in ability to read the game.

HOT: MU negotiations Pochettino after 1-6 defeat, coach Solskjaer chair violently shaken
Pochettino suddenly MU contacts rather Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

Pochettino unexpectedly replaced Solskjaer MU contacts

The latest, the British press also announced a shocking news when leaders Manchester United are having a meeting with coach Mauricio Pochettino secret. Former Tottenham captain became the brightest names replace the position of coach Solskjaer though in fact, not have any claims are given MU.

Area Argentine strategists still have not found a new job after being "rooster" laid off 11 months ago. Earlier, Newcastle Pochettino been contact but changed owners after the deal failed, "Injecting Choe" ended this plan.

According to the Daily Star, the officials of the Old Trafford team contacted representatives of Pochettino right after losing 1-6 at Tottenham. Next, both sides were secretly meeting to clarify some provisions in case new Pochettino became captain of Manchester United.

Former Tottenham coach was appreciated in the ability to "pick up raw rice sauce"

Itself CEO Ed Woodward did not want to sack coach Solskjaer and most likely, if Pochettino came, the Norwegian military rulers will be speeding up the role of technical director to support the former Tottenham boss.

In his coaching career, coach Pochettino helped Tottenham "makeover" become new forces Premier League since 2014. In 2019, he was excellent putting this team reached the finals of the UEFA Champions League and lost just one of Liverpool too strong this time.

5 month after the London team into the Champions League final, Pochettino was sacked by the disastrous battle sequence in the Premier League. Pochettino is replacing former coach Manchester United, Jose Mourinho.