MU Underground Dortmund coach criticized performance deterioration caused Sancho

Dortmund head coach Lucien Favre has admitted the transfer rumors in the summer caused Sancho Jadon midfielder deteriorating performance. "All the players are on the ebb. There are many rumors about Jadon (Sancho) during the summer. It can be a cause of this stage" - Favre said.

Hot morning football news 28/10: Dortmund coach said MU makes Sancho downfall
Sancho entangled in rumors joined United during the summer (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho entangled in rumors joined United during summer

"No other player keep peak during the first year, which is impossible. You have to accept the fact that" - Dortmund coach added.

Martial not worried about the arrival of Cavani

Striker Anthony Martial recently shared that the presence of Edinson Cavani at MU will not affect too much to his place in the starting lineup. "Cavani is an outstanding player, he has proved it throughout his career and hope that he will help us a lot" - Martial share.

"The more quality in the team will be even more wonderful when there are so many games coming up and when someone resting, it will help us not be backward in terms of quality in the team. I still have not have a goal this season, but I know when to get the first goal, everything will be fine "- French striker has determined.

FIFA president Covid-positive for 19

FIFA President, Mr. Gianni Infantino is self-quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19. According to the announcement from FIFA, Gianni Infantino President are experiencing mild symptoms and began self-isolation when officially infected.

Expected time of his isolation Infantino will be a minimum of 10 days. "All those who come into contact with the FIFA President in the past few days have been identified and they are being asked to take steps to isolate necessary. FIFA sincerely wish President Infantino soon recover" - FIFA notice Infantino about his case.

Evra coach Solskjaer not responsible for Van De Beek spokesman on

Man United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær Van De Beek admits not to play regularly due to the team "Reds" really deep in this season. Area Norwegian strategist Van De Beek is affirmed most important card MU this season and he will use the Holland midfielder at the appropriate time.

Besides, do not blame the coach Solskjaer also former MU defender, Patrice Evra because targeted spokesman Van De Beek. Manchester United captain said that it was necessary attention of a former player for former team and Manchester United always need ideas of people like Evra.