Competition well with Courtois, Real "delivery" PSG. According to the newspaper AS, Real Madrid goalkeeper will leave PSG Alphonse areola back after this season ends. Areola to the Bernabeu on loan in terms to PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas recruit. Despite the best efforts of the keeper, but this place is the reserve goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois 1 but does not meet the requirements.

Hot morning football news 27/4: Hard to compete with Courtois, Real
Goalkeeper areola coming back PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Goalkeeper areola coming back PSG

Chelsea want free Mertens. According SKYSPORT Italy, Chelsea are contacting representatives of Dries Mertens. West London team to win the signature of Mertens in the context of the Belgian star can not sign a new contract with Napoli. Belgian winger will expire contract with Napoli in the next 30/6 and can become a free agent, even if the season has not yet ended.

Leicester assign substitute Vardy. Striker Jamie Vardy is an impressive season, scoring 19 goals in the Premiership and the race leading scorer. However, England striker who has 33 years and Leicester forced to resort to replace the player in the near future. According to the Daily Express, "fly high" is targeting Rangers Alfredo Morelos. Apart from Leicester, Everton and West Ham also want Morelos.

Man City trouble Skriniar service. The good news has come to Manchester City, in efforts to reform the defense of champions Premiership. Accordingly, the managing team Inter Milan are ready to sell midfielder Skriniar Milan this summer, but only sit at the negotiating table with the club can offer around 70 million euros. Coach Pep Guardiola Slovakia admired star long ago, but the transfer fee is what the two sides should resolve in the summer fair.

Pandemic Covid-19 "save" Kepa. Before the Premiership was delayed because of the pandemic Covid-19 goalkeeper Kepa LV constantly throwing up Frank Lampard on the bench. At that time, several sources confirmed Chelsea will sell off in markets keeper summer 2020. However, the Daily Mail confirmed Chelsea have changed the decision, Kepa retain at least until the end of next season. "The Blues" are concerned they will incur heavy losses if the sale of the Spanish goalkeeper, while the team itself also having to replace.

Premier League players arguing about foreign law. With Britain left the EU, the organizing committee and the FA Premier League now has a conflict in determining the law using foreign players. We have a draft proposal interest foreign players now are prescribed based on the merits of each team through each season, and the players that will be easily accepted than if they had previously played for a high-level league. The two sides are fierce debate about whether or not to apply this method.

Hot morning football news 27/4: Hard to compete with Courtois, Real
Premier League will have to change the law after the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum foreign soldiers (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League will have to change the law after the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum foreign soldiers

Italy easing the blockade. Giuseppe Conte Italian Prime Minister recently announced national blockade will be eased from 4/5 days to come, though the school will be closed until March 9. The time Serie A are discussing allowing clubs set back back from the timeline, but they can also be postponed after consultation with the government.

"It takes 3 weeks to prepare before kick-back Premier League". Midfielder Declan West Ham Rice said that with a very high intensity play in every game in the Premiership, the organization next stone in a short time is not recommended. "Trauma will appear a series if it happens. We need about 3 weeks of intensive training to get ready, "Rice commented.

Dutch League loss alarm. Dutch Football Federation recently announced the amount of losses from all professional football clubs of this country is about to hit the milestone of 400 million euros and they are calling for government support to maintain operations.

Higuain underwent heart of almost retiring. Gonzalo Higuaín said hooked miss at the 2014 World Cup when he had thought of ending his career. "I regretted having locked himself in the room, did not dare go out to hear what other people say about her. I want to see her, but needed a flight lasting 15 hours. I call and say intend to give up, but I was stopped and told me to continue. If I time I retired, but I love my mother, "Higuain said.