Bruno Fernandes promised not broken penalty kick

In a recent interview on MUTV, the Portuguese midfielder will not rock broken promises penalty is charged if the next time. Bruno Fernandes penalty kick down the first time in the Premier League after to Darlow (Newcastle) makes a save successfully.

Hot morning football news 20/10: Bruno Fernandes promises of rock 11m
Bruno Fernandes penalty shot down during the match against Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Bruno Fernandes penalty shot down during the match against Newcastle

"I am also a man alone should talk down penalty is normal. Of course, I do not want that to happen again. The last time, keeper of Newcastle played well and I do not. I have studied previously but the shot was not like that. Darlow who deserves and I need to try harder to not eat the next time down. "

Martinez praised Messi Lautaro every word.

"I see Messi in those times as teammates in the national team of Argentina. I've said so many times, and the future will repeat this:" Messi is the best player in the world. "Not only because he is the pride proud of Argentina, Messi helped us a lot and a mirror for people to learn and follow.

To me, he is a player at another level. Messi understand football under his own way and always ahead of others, one step ". It is the confession of Lautaro Martinez in a recent interview when asked about Leo Messi. This past summer, Barcelona to bring Lautaro about alongside Messi but without success.

Lampard explains why Chelsea conceded

In the press conference before the game against Sevilla in the Champions League, the English coach explained why his side are conceding so much. "We're having a problem was conceding too much from the team get a chance.

The main reason is because the game I do not have much time to prepare for the new season when teams have more recruits. Some things need time and I hope it will soon be improved. "

Ozil no longer interested in playing

Former teammate Mesut in Germany and Arsenal Training, Per Mertesacker says Mesut has no interest in football as much as before. "Everything has changed. The family welcomed him new first child in March, and it seems to change completely Ozil. Perhaps he was distracted about football". Currently, Ozil is still the highest paid Arsenal but almost no competition.

Jürgen Klopp welcome good news from Alisson

After a series of bad news about the injury, coach Jürgen Klopp finally heard the good news. According to the Liverpool Echo, goalkeeper Alisson has returned to training after injury time. The Brazilian is capable back lawn at the end of the month. Earlier, Alisson is indicated 6 weeks holiday in early October.