Battle Switzerland - Ukraine officially canceled

According to the latest announcement from organizers UEFA Nations League 2020/21, the match between Switzerland - Ukraine has officially been canceled. The reason is because the local authorities refused to match conducted for 6 players Covid Ukraine-19 infected. Although the Swiss Football Federation and UEFA agreed to the match was taking place, but the government requires the entire team must be isolated Ukraine.

Hot morning football news 18/11: Match Switzerland - Ukraine officially canceled because covid-19
The match between Switzerland and Ukraine canceled a few hours before the game begins (Image Source: Internet)

The match between Switzerland and Ukraine canceled a few hours before the game starts

Ali Daei hope Ronaldo can break his record

In a recent interview with The Record, football legend Iranian Ali Daei perfectly happy if Ronaldo can overtake scoring record for the national team of his: "I really hope that Cristiano Ronaldo can achieve his record. I do not feel pain or anything because it's really an honor when a superstar pass him. I would definitely direct to congratulate him but first, Ronaldo had done already ".

Premier League is about to welcome the audience back

The Daily Mail reported that the British government is speeding up the process of bringing the audience back to the Premier League. Milestones are aiming for is before the Christmas holiday. Stakeholders boosted after British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said it would take "crowd in the stands again." Currently, Covid-19 is resurging but the British Government can confidently controlled.

Chelsea almost have Van Dijk and Lukaku

In a recent interview, coach Antonio Conte revealed he nearly bit more success recruiting Virgil van Dijk and Romelu Lukaku at Chelsea while still in office. Italian master his daily contact with both the player and soon convincing success. However, the club sacked him too soon that the two are unfinished business.

Arsenal Bergkamp abandoned son

Mitchel Bergkamp, ​​son of the legendary Dennis Bergkamp became a free agent after leaving Almere City in the summer. This player is a trial at Arsenal in recent years to look for opportunities, but leadership, "Gunners' decision not to sign a contract with the son of the legend by performances lack impression of Mitchel in U23 team Arsenal.