MU opponents in the Champions League was despised

Live channel on RB, Angelino, mature player from Manchester City youth academy and RB Leipzig caps on loan got on the opponent's representative in Group H Champions League Bundesliga. Remarkably, 23 year-old defender is not overrated MU:

Hot morning football news 13/10: Opponents criticized C1 Cup team MU is the
MU fell into difficult league in the Champions League 2020/21 (Image Source: Internet)

MU fell into difficult league in the Champions League 2020/21

"I do not know much about Basaksehir, while PSG encountered RB Leipzig in the semi-finals last season. With MU, sometimes they play as a team of world-class, sometimes they like a team average. I do not need to hide this. "

Ter Stegen world's most demanding high wages, Barca "distorted face"

According to Goal, goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen has made difficult the Barcelona by "claims" for higher wages, in the context of a contract between the parties only to the summer 2022 deadline Specifically, Ter Stegen to receive salaries 18 million euro / year, Barca's second highest (behind Lionel Messi) and become a "guard house" the world's highest paid.

Star Chelsea is such a "De Bruyne England"

Sky Sport, Former English footballer Jamie Redknapp Mount Mason advised to abandon playing style too "discipline" to learn Kevin De Bruyne. Redknapp said the play of the "morning star" on the payroll Chelsea have many similarities De Bruyne and created enough impact at both club and country as the Belgian superstar.

MU team fired legendary coach, Paul Scholes select caretaker

Salford City team by members of "Generation 92 MU" ownership including Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Phil Neville, David Beckham has just fired head coach Graham Alexande despite an unbeaten record from season (2 wins 3 Air). Soon, the team also appointed Paul Scholes as interim head coach until the end of October.

Totti legendary father died Covid-19

Enzo Totti recently, the legendary father of Francesco Totti Italian football has died aged 76, after time Covid-19 infection. Reportedly, Mr. Enzo had a history of heart disease and not healthy enough to cope with the strain has become the world's nightmare.