Reuters said the organizers La Liga has officially set the time back. Accordingly, the remaining 11 rounds of premier league Spain will take place within 5 weeks, starting on 20/6 until 26/7 (now Spain), the teams play 2 matches with density / week.

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Coach Javier Aguirre accidentally revealed the time of return of La Liga (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Javier Aguirre accidentally revealed the time of return of La Liga

According to Reuters, this is Javier Aguirre information - club coach Leganes (ranked 19th La Liga) confirmed on Marca Claro (Mexico). Remarkably, the 61 year-old strategist said he was the tournament organizing committee official announcement.

"After all the time return of La Liga has been fixed. We will start playing from 20/6 and finish the season on the day 26/7. 11 rounds are held on the 4th, 5th and two weekends. Information has been formally notified the organizers, so we are extremely happy and are planning to exercise ".

If this information is correct, La Liga will be the top European league next set return date. Earlier, League Germany - Bundesliga was key to the stone calendar day 16/5.

Covid-19 still extremely complex events in Spain with more than 256,000 cases and 26,000 deaths, however, La Liga BTC was determined to complete the rest of the 2019/20 season as soon as possible. From 6/5 days, the team was allowed to practice, players must wear gloves, masks and thorough medical examination in the first training session. After 27 rounds, Barcelona leads the standings with 58 being the location, over rival Real Madrid 2 points.