Midfielder Philippe Coutinho has confirmed reduced salary to return to former club Liverpool team. This is the move that was the turning point for the transfer will take place. Barcelona finally found a new berth for Coutinho, the star no longer in their plans next season.

HOT: Coutinho was Klopp
Coutinho wants to return to the arms of coach Klopp (Image Source: Internet)

Coutinho wants to return to the arms of coach Klopp

According to Metro, Brazilian star, Coutinho received the offer of coach Jürgen Klopp about the possible return to Liverpool next season jacket. Of course, Coutinho will hardly be welcomed as a great way to what has been recognized as a Star 1 in Anfield. However, screen-awaited reunion will help revive the striker 28.

The deal is likely to be successful in the context Barca have no intention of keeping people while coach Jürgen Klopp himself always admired his talented former student. Customers of "Kop" is also need to add softness and the triple mutant Salah - Mane - Firmino could be rivals catch all season after. Reportedly, the Coutinho back to Liverpool just waiting for the final step, which is a nod of Barcelona, ​​the team was not enthusiastic to do with this star.

After 2 years of lackluster play in Barcelona, ​​Coutinho is said to have expressed the desire to leave. He used to sign boom back in Bayern Munich on loan this season but the impact of the epidemic Covid-19 makes Coutinho missed and lost momentum sublimation soccer interest in "Bayern".

Bayern Munich has also announced it will not renew loan deal with former Liverpool midfielder Coutinho due to failing to meet the requirements. Circumstances "dilemma" when Barca "cold" Coutinho made somewhat regret before moving to La Liga decided to play football.

HOT: Coutinho was Klopp
Brazilian star has no place in Barcelona (Image Source: Internet)

Brazilian star has no place in Barcelona

With a transfer fee that Liverpool's £ 142 million received from the sale Coutinho for Barca month 1/2018, Anfield team has reinvested an extremely successful with quality signings like Virgil van Dijk or Alisson Becker.

Ironically, since Coutinho also gone, Liverpool won the Champions League and Premier League coming to the throne in this season. Therefore, the Coutinho and Liverpool reunion really not in the imagination of many fans team port city, especially if they own in attack strong 2nd Premiership this time (less than Man City 2 goals ).