Barca are about to be fined for criticizing referees. Technical Committee under the Arbitration Council of the federation to Spain recently announced test results the referee the match Athletic Bilbao - Real Madrid and affirm the referee Gonzalez Gonzalez as well as arbitral organizations VAR Gil Manzano has fulfilling their tasks. Therefore Iker Muniain criticism Bilbao side Josep Bartomeu and president of Barcelona can make both fined 18,000 euros each.

Hot breakfast 7/7 football news: Barca going to be fined for criticizing referee
Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona who are criticizing the referee match Bilbao - Real Madrid (Image Source: Internet)

Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona who are criticizing the referee match Bilbao - Real Madrid

"Hakimi to Inter because Zidane". Achraf's agent Alejandro Camano Hakimi was recently interviewed for the newspaper Al Mountakhab that players who leave Real Madrid Morocco to Inter Milan because coach Zinedine Zidane. "Now Zidane must speak again to explain why Hakimi leave Madrid," Camano said. There then was self-Camano contact the press in Madrid to correct that he did not say so.

Ribery house robbed. According to reports in Italy, home of the French player Franck Ribery in Florence was robbed while he and his family away from home, the scene shows belongings were ransacked and some property was taken away. Ribery said he would soon make the decisions necessary to protect the safety of his family, though the Fiorentina fans wondering whether to leave the club he has not.

Souness criticized Grealish. Graeme Souness former players recently have had negative comments to say about the level of Jack Grealish, rock star for Aston Villa attack are many clubs to eye. "He has the ability, but the big teams have accepted to these guys walk on the field when no shadow? No, they do not have the players stand on hips when lost the ball, I think that is a big question mark, "he said.

Allegri admired Zidane. In an interview to Marca, coach Max Allegri said he was very impressive ability to find a balance squad colleague Zinedine Zidane in the coaching industry. "It is a very strong team and determined to maintain that balance in the hand when a group of many stars. I think the position of Casemiro is an example to show the excellence of Zidane, "Allegri said.