Luka Jović to England, joining Newcastle? According to the Daily Express, Newcastle jumped into the race to "spray bombs" of Real Madrid, Luka Jović with Arsenal and West Ham. Newcastle has the advantage in this deal because Jović play very close to their old man, Aleksandar Mitrovic. In recent years, Jović asked Mitrovic in Newcastle and was very impressed with the atmosphere here.

Hot breakfast 5/5 football news: Luka Jović to England, joining Newcastle?
Jović able to Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Jović able to Newcastle

"Boss" wanted to recruit Luis Suarez Beckham. According to the newspaper Marca, "boss" David Beckham wants to introduce to the US Luis Suarez Inter Club Miami jacket. Earlier, Uruguayan star has hinted the US ability to play after leaving Barcelona. At 33, Suarez is gradually considering parting European football. Meanwhile, the team that Beckham owns actively recruiting star players all the time.

Matuidi ever panic because Covid-19. French midfielder revealed each shock, even panic when their private or positive for Covid-19 because there is no any symptoms before the disease is detected. Matuidi have recovered from illness and is preparing to return to training with Juventus.

Alisson Liverpool bought at bargain prices. Former Liverpool goalkeeper Chris Kirkland says Alisson Becker is great bargains and price of the team's Brazilian goalkeeper is now more than 100 million pounds. Summer 2018, Liverpool purchase price Alisson nearly 67 million pounds from AS Roma. This player contributed greatly helped Liverpool and 2018/19 Champions League bright door 2019/20 Premiership champions.

Tel Italia is open to the young stars. Italy coach Roberto Mancini insisted age is not big problem for him when choosing players. Former Manchester City captain said he was ready to call any young players as long as they have the talent, hard work and a good attitude.