Rookie MU does not mind the physical play in the Premier League

Dutch midfielder Van De Beek Donny is the first rookie of the MU in this summer. After officially became the "Reds", 23 year-old star has confirmed he will be immediately launched to improve physically ready to battle in the Premiership.

Hot breakfast 4/9 football news: Van De Beek Premiership challenge
Van De Beek confidence for the physical battle in the Premier League (Image Source: Internet)

Van De Beek confidence for the physical battle in the Premier League

"I'm ready to improve his strength. I understand that the Premier League is fond of power. I want to create a new move physically to the new page of his career" - Van De Beek share .

Andy Robertson challenges new recruits joined Liverpool

Defender Andy Robertson has said numerous times that he accepted a fair competition with rookie Kostas Tsimikas at Liverpool. Besides, Robertson also admitted he felt very happy to be competed with a new teammate in the left back position.

"He has integrated very well with the team. You can see Tsimikas increasingly confident as a Liverpool player. Everybody will feel the difficulty as more opponents in the same position, but that was the motivation for you to strive and effort each time you are off the pitch "- Robertson told the Liverpool home page.

Arsenal rookie like role as David Luiz in the game

Brazilian midfielder, Gabriel Magalhaes is the latest signings of Arsenal in the transfer window this summer. Former Lille star recently admitted he admired and dreamed alongside compatriot David Luiz. Even Gabriel was eager to regular levels immersive David Luiz in electronic games to be controlled at the Arsenal players.

Rakitic Sevilla ready affirmed competitive La Liga title

Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic just left Barcelona to return to "the old roof" Sevilla. Stars born in 1988 has confidently stated that Sevilla ready competitive La Liga championship next season.

"With all due respect, I think that after the championship Europa League, the team needs more progress in both La Liga and the Champions League. We all know what that means, but we also do not want to create undue pressure. I am in a Europa League champion team and ready to compete next season titles "- Rakitic said.