Di Maria received extremely heavy punishment for spitting

PSG star, Di Maria had to get himself banned for 4 court battle for trouble spitting at opponents in Marseille in Ligue 1 defeat This behavior is banned in Ligue 1 in the context of disease Covid- 19 has not yet been extinguished.

Hot breakfast 24/9 football news: Di Maria received extremely heavy punishment for
Di Maria received heavy punishment from BTC Ligue 1 (Image Source: Internet)

Di Maria received heavy punishment from BTC Ligue 1

Di Maria is not the only player to receive the punishment of PSG. His teammate Neymar was also accused of acts of violence against opponent and most likely, a mild punishment is not also about to be launched.

Mario Götze were Bayern interest

Midfielder Mario Götze is being put into the sights Bayern Munich after he officially became a free agent. German star who ended a contract with Dortmund when the season ended and the team Gold - Black did not agree to extend the contract. In the past, each draped Gotze Bayern Munich and became the idol here. With the current style of going down, getting back "Oh Gray" may be a plan to salvage the career of Gotze.

Barca continuous "wooing" the old man, Manchester City had sold ridiculously low prices

Midfielder Eric Garcia was on his way back to Barcelona after the Camp Nou to reach an agreement on the transfer fee with Manchester City. Garcia is mature players from Barca's youth academy but he only really be known until jacket Man City under the tutelage of coach Pep Guardiola.

However, Barca have constantly invited midfielder 19 years back where he started his career and has made moves this game the home side had to release people Etihad Stadium.

"Horses witness" Balotelli desperate new berth

Mario Balotelli striker is keen search for a new parking facilities in order to get back on track as before. Italian striker after being released by hometown club Brescia is a free agent. Failure to seek a club to join this summer, most likely, "Horses witness" will be at risk of unemployment.