"Professor" Wenger denied replace Koeman in Holland

Recently, speculation has emerged about Wenger can lead the Dutch team in place of Ronald Koeman, who has officially come to Barcelona to work. However, personally, "Professor" has denied the latest statement: "I'm working at the FIFA and not going anywhere. I will not negotiate with anyone who should not know this information spread from. My current work focuses on FIFA ".

Hot breakfast 20/8 football news: Wenger says nothing about information led Holland?
Wenger does not replace Koeman in Holland (Image Source: Internet)

Wenger does not replace Koeman in Holland

Dortmund coach point out the limitations of Sancho

In the latest statement, coach Lucien Favre admitted Jadon Sancho is a good player but still need to learn a lot. Swiss coach told Der Westen: "Sancho is still a lot to learn, like to control the ball better, perform multiple header and improves the ability to support defense".

Verratti and Navas may recur in the final

RMC Sports reputable sources said, PSG might courtyard with optimal lineup in the Champions League final at 2 day 24/8 (in GMT). Specifically, midfielder Marco Verratti will be able to force the best soccer (on for 83 minutes in the match against RB Leipzig) was goalkeeper Keylor Navas capable of promptly recovered from injury.

US billionaire completed buyout AS Roma

54 American billionaires, Dan Friedkin became the new owner of AS Roma, while spending 591 million euros to buy the club from Jim Pallotta hand. Friedkin was the 25th president in the history of "Giallorossi", and is expected to help the club molting.

Van Dijk former teacher wishes success at Barca

The defender Virgil van Dijk of Liverpool has sent greetings to old teacher at Holland's Ronald Koeman after he was appointed as the new coach of Barcelona since the new season. 57-year-old military rulers led Holland from 2018 to the present, the most prominent achievements included the Netherlands in the final European League before losing to Portugal.