Koeman: "Barca defense will be more"

According to coach Ronald Koeman, Barca will play tighter thanks to change from a 4-3-3 to a familiar scheme 4-2-3-1. "Play of the Barca will differ slightly, slightly bring defense than in recent years. However, the goal most important is still circulating the ball, grip control and finding space between the lines, especially behind enemy midfield. I believe Barca will do, because we own the midfielder capable of playing it, "Koeman said after the 3-1 friendly win Gimnastic.

Hot breakfast 15/9 football news: Koeman revealed the Barca game next time
MU costs more than $ 1.1 billion for the Glazers (Image Source: Internet)

MU costs more than $ 1.1 billion for the Glazers

MU 323 million to pay principal and interest of $ 654 million and $ 156 million dividend in 11 years, according to Swiss Ramble. In 6 years, calculated from the 2014-2015 season, Manchester United has paid $ 143 million dividend to the Glazers. Manchester United is the only team in the Premier League to pay dividends for the boss. Only exception with West Brom in the 2015-2016 season, when they paid $ 35 million dividend. However, this provision is not explained in the financial statements.

Shaw: "Top 4 is not the goal of MU"

According defender Luke Shaw, MU must be directed to the championship, not a spot in the Top 4 Premier League this season. Before entering the new season, Shaw believes Manchester United must put ourselves in the position of pursuers title - something they have not done since winning the Europa League and English League Cup three years ago. "We're ready for the new season. We need strong and focused for the goal to win the title, not top club like Man Utd 4. A need to win the trophy," Shaw said on its website CLUB.

Alaba announced: "Bayern spread the lie filthy"

Mr. George, father of defender David Alaba, so angry by the spokesman from the former president of Bayern Munich. "I brought David to Bayern when he was a teenager. In recent years, I have many opportunities to put David switch to other clubs but we remain faithful to Bayern. I did not expect Bayern to spread TV filthy lies with the public about the salaries and commissions, "said Mr. George Alaba Goal guide.