FA rule change and League Cup FA Cup

According to the British press, the British Football Federation (FA) has decided to change the rules of the FA Cup and League Cup next season due Covid-19. Accordingly, the FA Cup will give the game the two teams tie again. Meanwhile, the League Cup semi-final first leg also put procedures and to reduce the load on the schedule for the team. In addition, the two tournament prize money was also significantly reduced.

Hot breakfast 14/8 football news: FA change the law and the League Cup FA Cup
FA Cup and League Cup competition rules change next season (Image Source: Internet)

FA Cup and League Cup competition rules change next season

Ozil British media criticism

In a recent interview, midfielder Mesut has bluntly criticized the British media as constant needling about his opinion. The midfielder said that "the media have attempted sabotage his career in two years." Besides, Ozil also explained his reasons for not reducing salaries of Covid-19 is because the situation is unclear and does not receive any specific instructions.

Simeone ever want to leave Atletico

Daily Mail revealed coach Diego Simeone had intention to leave Atletico Madrid after losing two finals in the Champions League against Real Madrid in 2014 and 2016. However, he later changed the decision and remained in the lead ball until today. However, Simeone always feel pain when talking about these two matches.

Liverpool debut new jersey

Recently, Liverpool debut competition attire away quite strange for season 2019/20 with the main background is blue cardboard. This outfit imprinted play multiple vignettes inspired by famous Shakhly gate at Anfield. Club captain Jordan Henderson is proved to be very interested in playing new outfit.

Malaysia wants to fix "pan fire" Shah Alam

Shah Alam Stadium has always been considered not a small advantage of DT Malaysia each stone being at home with a capacity of over 80,000 seats. According to the Asean Football, Malaysia're repairing and upgrading the field Shah Alam and expected cost about $ 60 million. If carried out as planned, the completion time could be in 2023.