Highway STAR Barca infected Covid-19 Threshold Cup C1: On Twitter, defender Jean-Clair Todibo confirmed that he is the Barca players positive for Covid-19 during a health check before the team headed to Lisbon (Portugal) attend the Champions League quarter-finals. "Daystar" 20 insisted he did not have any unusual symptoms, but still adhere to prescribed self-isolation at home.

Hot breakfast 13/8 football news: Barca Highway SAO Covid-19 infection eve Cup C1
Todibo Barca player Covid-19 infection before War with Bayern in the Champions League (Image Source: Internet)

Todibo Barca player Covid-19 infection before War with Bayern in Champions League

Thus, superstars like Messi, Griezmann, Suarez completely healthy and ready for battle with Bayern Munich at age 15/8 days.

Sevilla coach complimented MU is "the biggest club in the world": On the eve of battle with Manchester United in the Europa League semi-final, coach Julen Lopetegui Sevilla spent the words "wings" for teachers and students Solskjaer. Even strategist once led DT Spain and Real Madrid do not hesitate to call MU is "the biggest club in the world, with the most history in sports village".

"Sevilla will encounter MU - the biggest club in the world in the next game. Before a top contender, possessing good form and history superlative Sports Village, we are forced to concentrate maximum. Although they are very strong, I believe the game is still able to win, "said Lopetegui on BT Sport.

"If Neymar 200 million pounds, Ronaldinho priceless": interview with Goal, Roberto Hilbert - former Bundesliga champions Stuttgart and did not hesitate to affirm Ronaldinho is the best opponent he's ever confronted. Even Hilbert also said Ro "lug" is invaluable if the match at the moment.

"Ronaldinho is the best player I've ever encountered, even the best history. He's agile, strong and always a smile on his lips. To recruit Ronaldinho at the moment, you need to pay the transfer fee huge concessions, even if Neymar is priceless worth 200 million pounds. ", quoted the former 35.

Pirlo was commended like Pep: Gianluca Nani - a former member of the leadership Brescia has applauded the new Juventus coach - Andrea Pirlo and that Italian football legend possesses many qualities of Pep Guardiola. Brescia was the club that Pirlo each coat at an early stage as a player (1995-1998).

"I feel Pirlo have some qualities of Pep. He will not like the long ball but just want the team themselves guided play football attacking attractive. He's smart guy, like dedication and Pep so, "said Gianluca Nani.

De Ligt 3 month break, Juventus "surface distortion": Juventus midfielder confirmed Matthijs de Ligt underwent successful shoulder surgery but will be sidelined up to 3 months. Serie A 2020/21 due to start on 19/9, the young Dutch star certainly can not battle with Juventus in the first 2 months of the season.