Evolutions match MU - Manchester City English Premier League Round 29

This 2019/20 season, Manchester United and Manchester City have to face each other 4 games. The results were surprising, the red half of Manchester won 3 times, in which all wins 2 matches in the Premier League. Private arena League Cup, Manchester City is the team to go forward thanks to the away goals rule, then the championship.

Hostile MU - Man City lost 3 times Solskjaer, Guardiola feared forces
Man City (blue) 3 times by MU defeat this season (Image Source: Internet)

Man City (blue) 3 times by MU beat this season

The team suffered a defeat to 3 times is rare in the career of coach Pep Guardiola's military rulers. Thus, the military rulers Spaniards could not appreciate colleagues Ole Gunnar Solskjær, also fears the forces of "Reds" in the next season.

Told the Manchester Evening News, coach Pep Guardiola admitted: "Hopefully we can draw lessons earlier in the season. After beating Liverpool in match FA Community Shield, we have dropped scores are not desired . But I do not know to this season still happen or not. "

Evaluation of the 2020/21 season, former Barca coach said: "I think the players are stronger each for the season. Liverpool will still be strong as usual, while Chelsea have invested heavily in the transfer market. We saw MU progressing recently, and the next season they will be the championship candidates. "

This 2019/20 season, after the official champion Liverpool, Man City are not many goals in the Premiership and promises vengeance for the Champions League. Show runners as were the teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola. But the ambitions of Manchester City's Premier League champions next season, and they will be afraid of potential competitors.

Hostile MU - Man City lost 3 times Solskjaer, Guardiola feared forces
Guardiola (right) appreciated colleague Solskjaer (Image Source: Internet)

Guardiola (right) appreciated colleague Solskjaer

Still in this interview, coach Guardiola admitted: "Through each season, the teams are strong up the championship race will be more difficult. When we successfully defended the crown Premier League, you understand how difficult it is to do that, but I will not think about this too much next season. "

Coach Pep Guardiola things that appreciate in the MU, which is quality squad. After years of investment for all routes, now in the hands of coach Solskjaer is a talented squad. Not only that, they are young and have a lot of potential to continue to grow in the near future.

Earlier, also in an interview with the same coach Pep Guardiola also praised rivals City: "Look at the team of Manchester United this time, it was really good. I like the way they implement game. When we defeated in December, they did not need to show too much. MU owns very quality squad. "

Hostile MU - Man City lost 3 times Solskjaer, Guardiola feared forces
Under Guardiola, Manchester United have the squad good quality (Image Source: Internet)

Under Guardiola, Manchester United have quality good squad

"I watched Lindelof since at Benfica. It is a player's magic. Maguire also one of the top defender in the world. The offensive player of Manchester United is also good too. All of them very quickly. Also Matic and Fred are a top player. "

"Have to say, I like the way they're playing as well as the quality of the team there. I believe that, when you give them enough time, they will soon return to the image of a MU that many people knew, in many, many years "- Pep Guardiola concluded.