MU and Leeds have dedicated a blueprint with a label on Old Trafford. After 90 minutes of competition, the two teams scored 8 goals, of which 6 goals belonged to the home team. After the match, Coach Solskjaer praised the performance of the students but he said the match could end with a larger ratio.

Coach Solskjaer wants a larger ratio (Photo source: Internet)

Coach Solskjaer wants a larger ratio

The Norwegian strategist said on Sky Sports: "That's great right after the first minute. We planned to approach from the beginning, moved up when the ball and Scott Mctominay had two goals in the first three minutes.

Imagine if there are 75,000 people in the stadium, it will go into history as one of the great performances in front of Leeds. We have to gain control of the ball by running as much as possible, which is a challenge. The ratio may be 12-4! This is the match that I enjoyed, very frantic, passionate. Although what is the score, they also have a certain attitude or style, even if the score is 5-0. "

The match between MU and Leeds had a total of 43 shots made by 2 teams, most in an English Premier Match at Old Trafford since October 2016, and the most in an exceptional match Since Aston Villa continued Brighton (44) in October 2019. In this match, "Red Devils" launched a total of 14 target shots, the most they have been in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson.

The victory took MU to rise to 3rd place on the Premier League rankings and inferior Liverpool leads 5 points but "Red Devils" still have a match in hand. Even so, Coach Solskjaer insisted that he didn't care much about the ranking at this stage.

"We haven't even went to half the way, the tournament position is not something we look at and just look at the team's improvement. Now, we are becoming stronger and stronger. Our fans need it, "Coach Solskjaer added.