Despite the blockade in Italy and ourselves are isolated, Higuain still leave the land of pasta just 7 days after the order isolation 2 weeks to about Argentina. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport site, Higuain forced to do so because his mother was seriously ill. Apart from Higuain, with more added 7 Juventus players have left Italy to his homeland to avoid Covid-19.

Higuain undisciplined Juventus cut the risk of the contract, Ronaldo lost
Higuain precede uncertain future (Image Source: Internet)

Higuain precede uncertain future

Juventus had planned to recall all 8 players in preparation for the Serie A play again. When returning to Italy, who will have to take an additional 2 sequential prescribed isolation anymore, but "Old Lady" has a plan to help them lose just a few more days in the house. Juve currently have received feedback from Alex Sandro and Danilo, who arrange flights back to Italy.

Still, the problem here is that Higuain has not yet answered any notice of Juventus. Some newspapers in Italy that players 32 years old may stay longer Argentina for several reasons. His mother, Nancy, is to fight suffering with cancer at home, and he wanted to spend more time with her than go back to Italy. However, this may result in future more trouble Higuain.

Juventus are considering canceling the player's contract based on the previous agreements between the parties, if the next time Higuain still no move whatsoever. Or if modest, they could give Argentina Higuain stay longer, with condition he must get back. Higuain's attorney Rinaldo Romanelli also expressed surprise in the behavior of the Argentine star.

Current contract of Argentine striker will expire in 2021 and La Repubblica on previously released information that the liquidation could help save around 23 million Juventus board. Yet during this period, representatives of Higuain is trying to convince Juventus to renew his contract with his client.

Although not a military post of coach Maurizio Sarri but Higuain remains an important partner of Cristiano Ronaldo in attack, partly because the duo had a lot of time playing together, in both Real and now Juventus. Recently Higuain believes Juventus are willing to carry out as "scapegoat" to help them get striker Mauro Icardi, who is playing at PSG on loan from Inter Milan.