Higuain penalty and aggressive sliding enemy

After leaving Juventus in the form of a free transfer Gonzalo Higuain to the US to head Inter Miami, ambitious team of legend David Beckham. With great expectations, the striker 33 is close to the main stone from the beginning of the previous trip to Philadelphia Union.

Higuain to America
Higuain quarrel with Union players after sliding penalty (Image Source: Internet)

Higuain quarrel with Union players after sliding penalty

Former Juventus player has promising start to finish Counter-styled bike broke the crossbar after 20 minutes, but after the game ended, the Argentine striker has encapsulated debut by 2 "disaster".

At the time Inter lost 0-2 Miami, Higuain have the opportunity to reduce the score to be assigned to perform 11m penalty kick. However, the striker 33 to put the ball straight into the stands. Disappointed after playing off down to eat, Higuain also firearm with Philadelphia's players celebrate as exit goals.

With this defeat, Inter Miami is only the penultimate position (rank 13/14 teams) on the game charts the eastern branch of the MLS. Higuain's new team has 3 wins in 14 rounds, lost 9 matches and drew two matches.

After Juventus contract liquidation, Higuain has decided to move to the MLS (MLS) to coat Inter Miami, team by former players David Beckham master. Argentine star hyperbolous receive preferential treatment, with a salary of around 7 million euros / season and became one of the highest paid players receive MLS.