Bayern Munich has the 6th crowned Champions League after a match full of tension before PSG. Reflective moments of ecstasy and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer's goal midfielder Kingsley Coman has helped "Bayern" hands on Europe crown a dramatic way.

Hero duo helped Bayern Munich down PSG to the top of Europe are?
Neuer has made a great save opportunities PSG (Image Source: Internet)

Neuer has made a great save opportunities PSG

In a day where the goods enter the PSG full of excitement and confidence, the goal of Manuel Neuer repeatedly put on alert during the first half of the game. But when faced with Neymar or Mbappe, Neuer showed bravery and his experience to completely neutralize the bulk opportunities created France team.

These situations ecstasy clearance in phase 1 game 1, with the master's penalty helped Bayern Neuer gradually regained the ball, and discourage opponents striker. Britain has repeatedly refused the opportunity of Neymar, Marquinhos and Mbappe only by foot makes a shot, even when Mbappe Vietnam're at the end of the game, then in the face this striker is still not win a leg of Neuer.

Hero duo helped Bayern Munich down PSG to the top of Europe are?
Neuer actually have a performance so impressive (Image Source: Internet)

Neuer actually have a performance so impressive

"It is difficult to describe the emotions after the game. The joy of course was great after the final whistle. After 5 minutes of stoppage time ended, all we had no trouble clearing. We deserve the title enemy, but it is still like a dream to me. I've never played a game so good in the past. I am happy for that, "Neuer share after the Bayern crowned Champions League now on.

Meanwhile, the hero scored the only goal to give Bayern reach for silver Champions League trophy is a former PSG man, Kingsley Coman. Stars born in 1996 did not disappoint Hans-Dieter Flick teacher when given the rock capacity factor and become explosive inside the left corridor of the German team.

Coman is the author of the only goal in the final Champions League

Coman acknowledged mixed feelings after his goal for Bayern Munich past former team France. "The goal that really gives me a strange feeling. I feel the sorrow of PSG. They had a great season. However, I've always given 100% for Bayern," Coman said after having won the title of best player of the Champions League final this year.

"We won but PSG have played an important final. The difference between the two is not too big," said the French star.