Henderson has the 2nd start in the League Cup and he continues to prove his abilities before the team had been "tortured" in the framework MU Premier League last weekend.

Henderson saves trance legend MU praised rival recovery center
Saves Henderson ecstasy before playing off of Trossard (Image Source: Internet)

Saves Henderson ecstasy before playing off of Trossard

Young British goalkeeper always keep the concentration and perform 1 several important saves. Which is the most impressive reflex shot ecstasy, clearance by hand before finishing 1 ultrafast Leandro Trossard points 67 minutes into the game. When that ratio is only 1-0 in favor of Manchester United, and if Henderson did not successfully challenge saves the ball there, do not know what will happen.

After the match, Henderson received much praise from the former star of Manchester United. Legend Andy Cole commented: "Add 1 performances excellence of Henderson. As I have said many times, standing in the goal of MU has never been one easy task. He has performed at least 2 phases good saves today. that really made me very impressed. Phase saves before Trossard help MU are on track and win the last match. "

When asked if Henderson can replace De Gea major catch for United, Andy Cole said: "I think Henderson absolutely have the opportunity to do that. He has proven himself as one goalkeeper excellence. De Gea certainly will have to fight really to keep its No. 1 position. "

Saves Henderson also received recognition from the Brighton coach, Graham Potter. You strategists have expressed admiration for the young goalkeeper of Manchester United, and expressed regret. He said: "We have created one ball, balance to their desks before the 2nd phase of Henderson saves when the score was 1-0 really was the turning point. Then they came Rashford and Pogba on, which we really difficult. we played not so bad. the score 3-0 is first harsh result. "