Harry Kane is still played superbly since the start of the season. The England striker had a goal 6 minutes after 7 rounds with phase set on penalties against Brighton. Before that, this is also the player who was fouled in the penalty area led to nasty blow 11m.

Harry Kane top 10
Harry Kane has 6 goals in 7 matches only Premier League 2020/21 (Image Source: Internet)

Harry Kane has 6 goals in 7 matches only Premier League 2020/21

This goal helps Harry Kane came third in the list of "top scorer" of the tournament and only poor 2 leader (Son Heung-Min - Calvert Lewin) right 2 goals. This means that Tottenham's number 10 can fully rise to the top after just one round if the remaining players in the list "were duds".

That would be a difficult scenario to imagine by Harry Kane is leading the list of "King tectonics". This position of England striker can hardly be shaken in the near future by the second (Jack Grealish and John McGinn) 1 new achievement by the current half Harry Kane (4 and 8).

Future story is so even now, Harry Kane has officially entered the top 10 greatest striker in the history of the Premier League. Goals against Brighton help the striker rolled landmark 149 goals at the highest league of "England", with Les Ferdinand's achievement, a Tottenham legend.

Harry Kane balance Les Ferdinand's achievements (rightmost) but still lags far behind Alan Shearer

If we continue to score in the next round, Harry Kane will add a grade in this list as "sitting chair" with Michael Owen and a track record of 150 goals. However, the England striker takes a lot of effort in the future to be able to catch up the Top 5.

5th place currently belongs to Frank Lampard, Chelsea manager incumbent, with 177 goals. More than 3 goals as No. 4 Sergio Aguero. Former Manchester United striker Andrew Cole has 187 goals and was third in this list.

Wayne Rooney, a legend of MU are second in the table "hero" with 208 goals, ie how the current Harry Kane 59 goals. While, the gap to the leader Alan Shearer even almost doubled (260 goals).

The two most recent seasons, England striker scored just under 20 goals / season. Not that Harry Kane has poor form but mostly due to injuries abuse. If the 10 Tottenham have played almost the entire season like 2017/18 season, 30 goals achievement is not impossible.

Harry Kane mature from the Tottenham academy. After time being loaned, the striker made his debut in May 4/2014 Premier League and scored immediately. Even in the next season, Harry Kane captured the main stone and productivity quickly became pillars of Tottenham.

Top 10 best striker in the Premier League history (as at 03/11/2020)

Harry Kane top 10
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