After the important victory against Arsenal, the main striker Harry Kane believed that he was at the highest peak of his career. The British star was the author to win a 2-0 victory for Tottenham in the match that "roosters" showed more on the shadow control.

Harry Kane was confident with impressive performance from the beginning of the season with Tottenham

However, under coach Jose Mourinho, "rooster" always brings maximum efficiency instead of creating an overwhelming gameplay against the opponent. Harry Kane's goal marked the 8th plan in his this season, and helping him to hit 250 goals in his career.

Exciting before what Tottenham did, Kane said that this was the best start in a British Premier League season. "I can say that this is the best performance I gain in a player's career. This season is also my best start at the English Premier League," Kane shared.

"However, the season is still very long and we need to hold the top position until the tournament closes. We didn't do it in a few years but now will be the time to need Keeping the highest concentration. The active matches before Arsenal or Manchester City helped the football team high and we need to continue to repeat the achievement, "the 27-year-old striker continued.

Tottenham won 7 points after 3 matches with direct competitors like Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. Now, Mourinho's army is becoming extremely excited. Kane understands that the team needs to have such a psychological state before the tourist trip to Crystal Palace's courtyard, or the encounter with Liverpool champions.

Harry Kane Sublimation Peak, Tottenham and Mourinho benefited?
Coach Mourinho is building an ambitious team (source: Internet)

Coach Mourinho is building an ambitious team

"Of course, we have to be confident in ourselves and our own capacity but we also know that everything can turn quite quickly if you go through a few bad results. Victory against Arsenal is one night Great and we need to repeat it more often, "Kane concluded.

Harry Kane's confidence and teammates are helping Tottenham fly high on the Premier League BXH this season. The lead position of the "rooster" also comes from the other "big men" do not achieve the highest performance for different reasons.

Even so, it can affirm the huge championship of coach Jose Mourinho. "Special people" are experiencing "the second divine season" and he is being backed by the top stars like Harry Kane or Son Heung Min in the King of King.