In the match at center Premiership round 37 last night, on their home field, Tottenham Hotspur Leicester City 3-0 victory had to temporarily occupy 6th position of Wolverhampton and rekindle hope for a Europa League next season.

Harry Kane shine
Harry Kane helped dazzling play Leicester City 3-0 Tottenham buffeted (Image Source: Internet)

Harry Kane helped dazzling play Leicester City 3-0 Tottenham buffeted

Remarkably, Harry Kane is the star feature Whoscored statistical highest scoring match at maximum 9/10. Striker number 10 has scored twice goals contributed greatly help Tottenham victory Leicester City 3 goals without reply in London.

Evaluation of the performance amazing Harry Kane on the pitch worth 1 billion pounds called Tottenham Hotspur recently, coach Jose Mourinho has said that his pupil British striker best in the world that no one can match well. Share after win over Leicester City, "The Special One" said on Sky Sports:

"Two goals from Harry Kane is very important to us, especially the third goal. They are mixing up the present level of great. Of course, he is one of the best players most current world. It was hard for me to compare with each other strikers. But compared with most other colleagues at the club, he was the best.

Of course, Harry Kane is No. 1. He really brought the difference. In his role as a striker, a pillar and a leader of the team, Kane will play great.

It is hard to help him develop better but play better the team will also play him as possible. That depends on us. He is a great goalscorer expert and has worked very well. He could not play better. But Kane is a great striker and Tottenham are lucky to have him. "

Harry Kane shine
Mourinho praised striker Kane is "unequaled" (Image Source: Internet)

Mourinho praised striker Kane is "unequaled"

Whether teacher Mourinho he lifted up the skies but probably Kane still makes Tottenham and "special" sad as this summer, he can leave the club North London to dock another club bigger and to be Champions League.

He shot 26-year-old legs could to Spain Real Madrid jacket. Kane or can stay the land of fog and landed MU. Rates his current assignment is statistical arbitrage pricing Transfermarkt player falls to about 120 million euros.

Meanwhile, with the Leicester City defeat as a guest of the "rooster" Tottenham, Manchester United and Chelsea will have a big opportunity to oust "flying high" out of the top four Premiership this season attempt to win 2 tickets to the final project Champions League next season.

Chelsea will kick compensation within 37 Premiership Liverpool travel to dawn 23/7 at 2.15pm. In the final round, he will play the game Frank Lampard Wolverhampton 26/7 at 22h pm. MU will also play within 37 Premiership West Ham game 23/7. 3 days later, "Reds" will face off for Leicester City in the last round.