Harry Kane's wise dispute phase

Along with Son Heung Min, Harry Kane is a launch pad to help Tottenham fly high in this season. In the recent match against Arsenal, Kane contributed a creation and scored a spurs to win 2-0.

Harry Kane exposed a great way to play like a
Kane shines in the match against Arsenal (Photo source: Internet)

Kane shines in the match against Arsenal

The role of the British striker has been changed basically by coach Mourinho since he takes over the team. Now Kane is playing as a household, sometimes as a public midfielder, ready to rush to dispute and create teammates to score tables, instead of "screens" in the right to ban the opponent as before.

Besides, Kane also became more "fishermen" than in the shots of shots in this season. A reddit social network user has recently released the synthetic tape on Kane's wise ball disputes, making the opponent who suffer.

Kane's post is that he doesn't jump over to hit the opponent when the ball comes, but uses the back of the opponent, making the opponent lose his balance and fall. At the match against Arsenal, in the last minutes, Kane had a dispute in this way with the visitors' Gabriel Magalhaes midfielder.

Lallana "sticky" of Kane's "

Earlier, Burnley's Michael Keane midfielder and Brighton's Adam Lallana midfielder were the "victims" of this technique from Kane. All three people had very strong grounds and the risk of leading to a large injury, while Kane was unharmed.

In February 2019, also in a London derby with Chelsea, Kane left a bad impression with 2 unjust situations. He painted David Luiz in a shadow that was returned to Chelsea when Kovacic was kicked out before Trippier was lying on the field. After that, Kane also had a "head" with Azpilicueta in a controversial curtain.

In another development, with a goal scored against Arsenal, Kane had 11 goals in North London derby, this is a new record. The previous record belonged to Emmanuel Adebayor and Bobby Smith (all 10 goals). Adebayor, born in 1984, competed for Arsenal in the 2006-2009 period, and Smith, born in 1933, wearing Tottenham shirt in the period 1955-1964.