Many days have passed since the time of leaders Juventus sacked coach Maurizio Sarri, appointed by Andrea Pirlo in the hot seat, many Juventini still not believe it was true. The way Pirlo to this team is unbelievable.

Pirlo had the spokesperson praise too highly Messi without Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

Pirlo had the spokesperson praise too highly Messi without Ronaldo

30/7 days, Pirlo Juventus U23 coach role play. Italian journalists are unaware that this had coach training session with Juventus U23 team or not. But just nine days later, Pirlo even been appointed as head coach of Juventus, replacing the recently sacked coach Sarri.

Football Italia said sheet, establish a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most important things with Andrea Pirlo's new coach. CR7 is currently in the summer holidays and remained silent about the appointment decision Pirlo, who in the past would not overestimate Ronaldo expertise. 5 years ago, coach Pirlo picking "dream team" consisting of the players who played in the Champions League chose Ronaldo, not Messi, though he is the most outstanding striker league history.

Pirlo always for Lionel Messi admiration. Before the game broke up his career at the San Siro, Sky Sport Pirlo asked about the best opponents faced and the answer is Messi. Remains in 2015 and when meeting Messi in a restaurant, Pirlo posted on Instagram, saying, "A great meeting with the best people ...".

Pirlo confrontation Ronaldo as a player (Image Source: Internet)

Pirlo confrontation Ronaldo as a player

But Ronaldo proved his power after two seasons at Juventus, and work will become difficult for Pirlo if he has any further action as CR7 offended. Sarri just once and Ronaldo left the field midway enough to make Ronaldo furrowed eyebrows and caused the whispers in the press, with a coach work experience less than 1 month as Pirlo, the more not easy though has been the top players big.

Unless Ronaldo was the one who just has directed Juventus football from now on. Certainly many people have seen pictures CR7 standing at the edge of directing and cheering cheerleading team at Euro 2016, but the prestige of Ronaldo not merely because he is the leader of the attack but also because he mirrors form of expertise and require the same thing in the team.

Sarri even be rated poorly professionally than students Ronaldo, press Italia revealed Douglas Costa unhappy because her coach smoke close dressing area while veteran goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon just told the teammates and coaches if the main courtyard arrested. Ronaldo basically were teammates recognized as influential people of the locker room really, every word of CR7 are listening & Acquisition.

Pirlo is legendary although during his career, but the image of a courteous and stylish does not reflect the true nature really, but now Pirlo is about to lead some players used to be teammates. Respect for the coach will again be a big question mark in a group like that, and naturally the players Juventus will look towards Ronaldo to probe response.