Zenit welcome home, Dortmund must wait until the new 78-minute break enemy lines thanks to a goal-scoring on 11m of Jadon Sancho. The first minute of injury time, Haaland expressed scenting ability genius goal with speed and forward moves coolly finish the scoring for Dortmund 2-0.

Haaland up incredible scoring record at C1 Cup, Ronaldo - Messi
Haaland always know how to make a difference (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland always know how to make a difference

This phase set help Haaland has 12 goals in the Champions League. New Zenit's game against 10th appearances of him in this tournament. With 12 goals in 10 appearances, Haaland became the first player in Champions League history to achieve the feat. In 8 matches in Champions League competition, with 7 games Haaland "shooting".

The stars hit the world needs more of this game or relative to get 12 goals in the Champions League. Statistics says Cristiano Ronaldo needed 47 games, "Aliens" Brazil need Ronaldo Made in 32 games, while Lionel Messi needed 25 games.

In 10 games this, Haaland has 4 goals against Genk, 3 goals against Napoli, 2 goals against PSG, 1 goals against Lazio, 1 goals against Zenit and 1 goal against Liverpool. Simone Inzaghi, Harry Kane and Sadio Mané has 9 goals in 10 matches in the Champions League first, but all must stand behind Haaland with 12 goals.

Haaland has steadily "fired" from the beginning of this season with 8 mixed up in all competitions (5 goals in the Bundesliga, two in the Champions League and one in the Super Cup Germany). Particularly in the Bundesliga, Haaland has 18 goals in 20 games total (15 games last season, five games this season), which is less than the legendary Uwe Seeler (19 goals / 20 games early in the season 1963/64).

Statistics show that Haaland is striker rate very high finish on target with 50 times after the first 20 games in the Bundesliga, with only than Robert Lewandowski 32 times in the first year (2010/11) striker Poland coat Dortmund, before moving to Bayern Munich joined in 2014.

Performer scored stability, good interaction with the team's strengths help Haaland continues to be the best player in attack Dortmund. The explosion of Haaland will prop Dortmund in the Champions League, where the competition is always fierce place of all.