After sublimation stage at Red Bull Salzburg with 28 goals in 22 appearances before winter vacation, Haaland was a lot of the big teams in Europe are interested, including Juventus. However, in a recent share, Mino Raiola representatives of Haaland has revealed why the star chose instead Juventus Dortmund.

Haaland refused to teammate Ronaldo: Lessons from the SAO 75 million euros
Haaland increasingly demonstrated superiority (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland increasingly shown the superiority

"Why not go to Juventus Haaland it? They accompanied him to the U23 team, "Raiola revealed on La Repubblica. This statement shows clear paths that Raiola outlined for Haaland, not merely as an agent acting on behalf of. Juventus are Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuaín are names enough to dislodge any striker.

Serie A Juventus general or particular, is the key to its special environment experience. Apart from Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuaín also Juventus, who holds the record scorer in a season in Serie A. If Haaland to Juventus, the striker's spot high probability that the bench. He could be off the pitch, but the majority will be in the form of moderation.

The best evidence can look at Matthijs de Ligt. The "golden boy" of Ajax after the season 2018/19 in the next Champions League semifinal, De Ligt is expected to become the "cornerstone" of the Juve defense, but only when Giorgio Chiellini chance estate long-term injury doubt. Performer catastrophic De Ligt then also turned from a child star to become a better player not academia.

If De Ligt is not enough convincing evidence, we can look at Moise Kean, another player is as representative Raiola. Young stars born in 2001 set a record once the youngest player to play in the Champions League.

When he was 16, and Kean had earlier showed the potential of a top scorer. Still, the 2-year period Kean sticking with Juventus just stop at 21 games with only 8 goals. Then, Kean had to move to Everton because competition could not be located.

So see the Haaland Juventus do not choose wisely destination is. More noteworthy, since moving to Dortmund, Haaland continues horrifying chain form with 13 goals in just 12 appearances for the German team. Haaland nearest goal is the establishment phase of the scorer of 26 Bundesliga Schalke 04 in the first round when the tournament has just returned after Covid-19 service breaks.

At age 20, Haaland obviously benefit greatly from the guidance of Raiola. In Dortmund, this striker has had an appropriate environment to generate more talent and avoid media scrutiny. European newspapers are drawing up vistas Haaland closer to Real Madrid, the highest destination of a young player could have dreamed at this time.

That is absolutely not the distant destination with Haaland, and can assure the Norwegian star who will go to the Bernabeu when he really only fully fledged, while Raiola also represents his people.