Borussia Dortmund will be Bayern Munich welcome screen tonight at 23h30 in the game 26/5 "Der Klassiker" awaited. Dortmund had performed admirably unbeaten at home this season but Bayern have won them 4-0 in the first leg and is separated 4 points than the opponent. Championship race can say will be decisive in this match.

Haaland - Lewandowski
Dortmund down Bayern had Haaland to in the second leg (Image Source: Internet)

Dortmund down Bayern had Haaland to in the second leg

In the first leg a brace of Robert Lewandowski and 2 goals from Mats Hummels Serge Gnabry and (mostly) made Dortmund crushed, but the situation in the second leg will be very different forecasts. Not only is the stone home and maintain a sufficient gap with Bayern, Dortmund has 2 reinforcements in the winter market is young striker beat Erling Haaland and deep midfielder Emre Can interception.

Coach Lucien Favre expressed confidence in it and in a recent press conference he assess his team's chances. "The first leg obviously we were not good but that battle took place just 3 days after meeting Inter Milan in the Champions League. Dortmund kicked today with a new system and new, 2 new players we already have a clear role in the team, "he assessed.

"We defeated Bayern at home last season and also down Bayern in Super Cup. The match tomorrow will be the focus of German football and we believe in our chances. "

Another thing is the confidence that Dortmund recently its forces welcomed the return of the players is very important. Sancho Jadon star winger, central defender Mats Hummels and experienced midfielder Axel Witsel interceptor will play ball, "Super Classic". Sancho past two preparatory matches, Witsel stay both 2 injured ankle pain Hummels also left the game midway Wolfsburg wins.

But powerful forces of Dortmund will still have to deal with a huge concern named Robert Lewandowski. Striker Poland has scored 41 goals in all competitions this season and he did it in only 35 games, with a utilization rate opportunity to statistics at even higher than Mohamed Salah, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero.

Haaland - Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski has 41 goals this season after just 35 matches in all competitions (Image Source: Internet)

Robert Lewandowski has 41 goals this season after just 35 games in all competitions

Multiple goals from Lewandowski also has an important role in the game, when he hit the milestone out of the tens of putting Bayern ahead enemy. He was the one who opened the scoring in the match, "Der Klassiker" leg and had a total of 18 times up through the old team in his career Dortmund, Wolfsburg and Schalke 04 only to be poked conceding more Lewandowski.

Does Dortmund, with the presence of Haaland, has enough firepower to create a shootout about equal strength with mighty Bayern attack led by Lewandowski? Not about whether young Haaland will do that to create a "DO Cannon" Super classics like Messi - Ronaldo in Spain so.