The two biggest match of the season - Battle Classics between Bayern Munich and Germany in Dortmund are brought sadness with Jadon Sancho. In the past 26/5 match day, the brightest young talents in English football on the bench and only came off the second half. Whereas in the first leg, Sancho was substituted 36 minutes.

Haaland is rumored to Sancho hục brilliant, ironic
Sancho could not rediscover the best state of post-Covid-19 (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho could not rediscover the best state of post-Covid-19

Since the Bundesliga back Covid-19 defender, Sancho Jadon not once was the main stone. In the 4-0 victory in the Ruhr derby with Schalke region, "Neymar England" came in 79 minutes later, came the trip to Wolfsburg, who was born in 2000 also only came with 65 minutes Also Bayern, as mentioned, is 46 minutes.

Jadon Sancho reasons why soccer has never been after the Bundesliga again, it's by physical foundation of English players is not guaranteed. During the pandemic phase and to conduct social spacing, it seems the youngster did not have good enough exercise to maintain physical fullness platform.

And Sancho can not soccer is becoming the subject is mentioned most frequently in Dortmund this time. According to the Daily Mail, Erling Haaland striker - who you are becoming familiar with Jadon Sancho, recently acting insensitive when expressed disregard the health of the team.

British newspaper adds, actually Haaland not give an opinion but simply press the "like" a comment on Twitter content decry Sancho as follows: "Sancho did not seem to meet the requirements of strength at this moment".

We have many fans in Dortmund are not satisfied with the style of the post Jadon Sancho Covid-19. And this idea came after Bayern lost 0-1 to Dortmund match at home. After the defeat, army coach Lucien Favre's yellow jersey was "Bayern" outstrips a distance of up to 7 points in the championship race to the Bundesliga 2019/20.

Haaland is rumored to Sancho hục brilliant, ironic
Haaland allegedly laughing, ironic Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland allegedly laughing, ironic Sancho

Although then Haaland also knew he accidentally should uncheck the "like" message above, but many Twitter accounts still keep screenshots and share evidence that striker 19 Norwegians agree with this opinion . Haaland action raises doubts about the relationship between the seemingly good striker and teammate Sancho Norway.

As for Sancho Jadon, he is going through a memorable season having scored 14 goals and contributed 16 assists to the Bundesliga alone. Whatever can not kick the ball in the last third, but Sancho still leave a certain imprint on the pitch every time. In a 2-0 victory over Wolfsburg, the "Neymar England" is created to Hakimi fixed ratio.

Also by his brilliant performances, Jadon Sancho are many big teams to the eye. Mature young players from Manchester City youth academy can now help Dortmund earned 100 million pounds. He along with Haaland's brightest young stars in the world ranks. Therefore, it would be very dangerous for Dortmund if Haaland and Sancho really hục brilliant together.