Haaland performances in Dortmund shirt color

Erling Haaland is striker Braut most impressive in Europe this time with speed, fitness and performance far beyond scoring twenties. 2019/20 season, "Daystar" was born in 2000 scored 40 goals / 33 games in all competitions, including 28 goals / 22 games wearing RB Salzburg in phase leg and 12 goals / 11 games since Dortmund jacket.

Haaland healthy recipes like Ronaldo thanks
"Daystar" Haaland maintain strict exercise regime no less idols Ronaldo with belly-1000 times, 300 times per day anti-thrust (Image Source: Internet)

"Daystar" Haaland maintain strict exercise regime no less idols Ronaldo with belly-1000 times, 300 times per day push

On AS, Stanislav Macek - Slovakia U18 head coach revealed he had the opportunity to witness the hard work of Haaland when he draped RB Salzburg in August last year. According to the this strategy, "Daystar" Norway attaches great importance to practice than anything else, even next to every training session with the team, he still maintains the habit belly, handstands at home everyday .

"Haaland impressed with me. It was the young man with professional style, mature unprecedented. He always knew what to do. There are times, girlfriend traveled from Norway to Salzburg visitors Haaland but only a few days later, he was back working in practice and declared just want to concentrate on football. he boasted to me that always set belly-1000, push 300 times every day there. he's almost as if copy of Ibrahimovic, even more agile. "

In the media, former players Alfie Haaland - father Haaland diet revealed, his scientific activities are inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo. Haaland himself also repeatedly publicly acknowledged idol CR7.

At the age of 35, Ronaldo still maintaining respectable performance. According to Sports Illustrated, everyday superstar Portugal hold habits belly-3000 times, not to mention the gym at least 5 times / week to maintain the amount of body fat below 10% (though in early 2017, CR7 determined receive "only" folded abdomen 4-5 times a week, every day from 200-300 times!).

Nutrition Ronaldo also extremely science with 6 meals / day, the menu consists mainly of pasta, chicken to supplement protein, carbohydrates (all dishes are no added salt), besides 5 sleep /day.